Hobo Coins Live on Kickstarter

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Hobo Coins Now Live on Kickstarter!

For many months, I’ve been working on a coin project called Hobo Coins. During the Great Depression, many of the folks that were out of work and having a really hard go of it took to carving Buffalo Nickels to pass their time. Though not the only coins that were carved, Buffalo Nickels were popular to modify because the metal was ‘soft,’ and easier than other coins to modify using sharpened nails or pocket knives.

I’m amazed at the creativity and passion these artists showed with their miniature works of art and got inspired to create my own. This project brings forth 4 designs for coins that I’ve created with hobo nickels as their inspiration. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


All of these designs are production samples from the mint where they’ll be produced. The coins are the same size as all my other coins – 39mm. They’re die-struck with over 100 tons of pressure and really capture every detail I’ve designed – I couldn’t be more thrilled with the samples!


Come on over to the Kickstarter project to learn more:





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