About Us

Hey there. 

Welcome to Dead On Paper. I've built this site because I love playing cards, great art, printmaking, and I believe in pushing all of the above as far as I can. 

So you may be wondering why I'm calling the site "Dead On Paper"? This was actually my wife Adria's idea - we both love Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. In it, Doc Deneeka (a "right foul git" as the brits might describe him), doesn't want to fly missions. So he has his name forged onto crew manifests. One of his "missions" end up with the plane crashing into a mountain. Even though he wasn't on the plane, he is listed as deceased. Even after he realizes what happens, no one seems to be able to do anything about it and even his wife seems to prefer him dead (as she gets death benefits). He is "dead on paper" and there's a lot of hilarity that ensues. It's a great book and we thought there was a nice parallel to the Calaveras cards being Day of the Dead images printed on paper.

Anyway, that's the story, we know it doesn't make sense. We're ok with that ;)

Check back as this site is new and we're still adding stuff to it. T-shirts, prints, etc. are coming.


Chris and Adria